Product Development

Product Development / Manufacture


The products are manufactured in professionally designed, modern facilities that adhere to FDA guidelines. Production systems have been devised around process flows to achieve consistent product performance batch to batch. Stringent incoming, in process QA ensure adherence to expected performance parameters whereas finished QC is benchmarked to standard reference materials ensuring accuracy of products. 

Innovation Excellence is the key corporate initiative to strengthen Tulip’s innovation capabilities. This innovativeness is fuelled by an inventive streak with an accent on indigenous technology as a fundamental basis for product development.
With the emergence of COVID-19 disease, Tulip Diagnostics and its divisions had been in the forefront developing a wide range of COVID-19 related products for IVD testing, RNA extraction kits, Viral transport medias, Disinfectants and Safety/Protection/Other equipments.

The latest additions to our ever-increasing product portfolio include the NewBorn Screening Assays, Chemiluminescence and ELISA tests for Automimmune diseases, Vitamin D and other immunoassays.

Tulip’s Pride and Honour

  • First company in India to develop liquid stable PT reagent with ISI~1.0
  • Successfully developed Gelcard technology platform for Blood banking.
  • Makers of highly successful ADA-MTB, adenosine deaminase kit
  • Developed India’s 1st Indigenised RFID Immunoturbidimetry analyzer
  • Established a broad range of Dehydrated culture media and Antibiotic sensitivity discs for Microbiology market
  • First company to develop Broth culture system for UTI detection using Turbidimetry-based analyzer
  • Indigenously developed Gr8 Lab, the semiautomated Clinical Chemistry analyzer
  • Successfully designed and produced Veinspy, the hand held veinfinding device

…. And many more