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Tulip Group's commitment to building products to international standards has accorded the company virtual leadership in most product segments domestically. International recognition to these efforts has led to exports to about 87 countries globally with an ever increasing user base. The Group strongly believes that knowledge upgradation remains the fundamental basis for better diagnosis and patient care. Publishing of technical series is one such initiative to make available to the Laboratory professionals and clinicians updated knowledge that is vital for them to set trends in their day to day practice.

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Principle & Troubleshooting Aspects


Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
Practical Issues


Malaria RDT’s
Performance Evaluation and
Quality Assurance - Perspectives


Quantia Clinical Applications

Microkrom Microscopy Stains
Basic Guidelines for Quality Staining with Romanowsky Stains

Cardiac Troponin I (cTnI)
New generation cardiac marker of choice

Glycated Hemoglobin (GHb)
The marker for retrospective glycemic control
Hepatitis C Virus
Hepatitis C Virus
Overcoming challenges
Troubleshooting Aspects
Human Immunodeficiency Virus
CK and its isoenzymes
The time tested biomarker for diagnosis
and monitoring of MI
Malaria and its diagnosis
Rapid tests for Malaria detection
Lupus Anticoagulants:
Basic Concepts and Laboratory Diagnosis
Syphilis Diagnosis
Monitoring oral anticoagulant therapy
Concepts & Practices
Quality Assurance
for routine Hemostasis

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
AFB Staining, Culture and Sensitivity

Anti Human Globulin Reagent
Basic Concepts and Practices
HIV Testing
Evolution & Practical Issues