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Hemostar XF 1.0 Single Channel Haemostasis Analyzer
Hemostar XF 2.0 2 Channel Haemostasis Analyzer
Hemostar 4CA Automated Coagulation Analyzer 
Matrix Gel System  
Card Centrifuge (CC 2400) Card centrifuge with 24 card capacity of Matrix™ gel cards
Card Warmer (CW 2400) Warmer for Matrix™ gel cards
Matrix Card Reader Reader for Matrix Gel Cards
Matrix AutoMax-80 Fully automated processor for Matrix Gel Cards based on Gel Column Agglutination Technology
Turbidimetry- Nephelometry Analyser  
Turbidimetric/ Nephelometric analyser with SC ( Smart Card ) Technology
ELISA Automations  
Microplate ELISA Reader
Microplate  ELISA Reader with Touch screen facility
ELISA Plate Washer
ELISA Plate Washer
Euphoreia 4.1
Fully Automated 4 plate ELISA processor with HRM System
Semi automated CLIA analyser
The Hand-Held Vein finding Device
Hemoglobin Monitoring Device  
Smart Hemoglobin monitoring System

Clinical Chemistry Analysers  
Fully Automatic Clinical Chemistry & Turbidimetry Analyser
Fully Automatic Clinical Chemistry & Turbidimetry Analyser
Fully automated random access Clinical Chemistry analyser
Fully Automatic Random Acess Clinical Chemistry Analyser
The new semi-automatic analyser for Clinical Chemistry tests
Gr8Lab 1.0
The new semi-automatic analyser for Clinical Chemistry as well as Turbidimetry tests
Coralab Touch
Semi-automatic Clinical Chemistry & Turbidimetry Analyser

Electrolyte Analyser  
Measures concentration of Na+, K+ and Cl- in the blood
Measures Concentration of pH, Na+, K+, Cl- & Ca

Hematology Analyser  
Double Chambered Fully Automated Hematology Analyser
5-Differential Fully Automated Hematology Analyser

Water Plant  
Class II Water plant
Turbidimetry Analysers  
Optimised measuring system preprogrammed for Quantia reagents Adaptable for Turbidimetric immunoassay reagents. Back up analyzer for routine chemistries

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